20 Year, Overnight Success

I have a knack for finding the ways in which people hold themselves back.

By finding out what really holds them back, I help people overcome those challenges, and work with them to do things they often believed they couldn’t.

It’s about seeing the potential in people and where they focus and having a belief in their previously undiscovered ability before even they do. Then together we point their improved focus towards where they really want it.

The change can begin inside them or outside them as both are connected. It’s often just helping people become aware of the connection that gets a shift in awareness.

And like a snowball rolling down a hill those awareness’s build and gather speed and power.

I love working with people who want to grip life by the reins and ride the hell out of it. People who gradually come to realise the bumps and skids life gives us only go on to make the ride even more fun and to understand they are all part of the journey, to give us the lessons we need to get us where we are going.

So hop on, get a grip on the reins and let’s see where your life takes us for a ride.

This is all because as an adventurous spirit myself, I believe my clients will get the best when outside of their comfort zone.

How do I know this?

I have seen people make shifts in their perceptions of themselves and the concepts of their own abilities, then as they do even more amazing things happen in incredible situations.

I’ve spent many years watching people be told they will never achieve as they don’t fit into a small niche of what’s correct and so end up living sadly stifled mediocre lives. Unfortunately, much of their aptitude and confidence goes undiscovered.

Now I know the people who make the difference to themselves and others and have great impact, who think and live outside the box, have developed the courage to make themselves like that. They’ve learnt to become what they want to be and what they need to be, just like you can.

I didn’t always think like this.

  • I used to be insecure, under confident and self-limiting…
  • In jobs I hated
  • In relationships that didn’t inspire growth.
  • In abusive situations.
  • Living small in places I didn’t want to be
  • Deeply unsure of myself
  • I stayed on the safe path, the predictable… uninspired and fitting in.
  • I always looked to others for validation.

Then one day, one or two people I admired asked more of me than I believed I could do. I procrastinated and shied away but thankfully they didn’t allow me to stay in my safe little bubble. Before I knew it, I was challenged and in doing so growing inside leading me to things I never dreamed I’d do. When the dust settled I realised I couldn’t go back to being the old me.

I got a grip and realised I was in control of the reins and if I wanted to go somewhere I’d better start steering. It’s never been easy and I’ve never looked back as it’s been far more fun to look forwards.

So can you too and only in your way

So hop on. Where do you want to go?