So what’s the cost? …….. Is it expensive?

A better question might be “How much are you worth to you?” and “How important is the future you want for you right now?” and also “What resources do I need to devote to this right now, in order to make the changes I really want in my future then?”

I will never ever suggest the  “money will be in the future when you do the coaching” as that’s a clever psychological trick called “holding you hostage to the future”.
I’m merely suggesting from my personal experience and working with people of all income stream levels is to think about how you can afford this soon or even now?

The Practicals

An initial “introductory” Skype chat, Zoom Chat or phone call to share what you want costs nil, zip, nada, nothing. Nor should it.

Because this first conversation is to allow you the time to work out what you really need, and of course if we can work well together.

It’s not necessary to even consider payment at a first introduction, as taking the time to find out so you’ll find out what’s right for you.

I dont want you to be impulsive, I want you to feel good about any suggestions, then you can decide long term.

I’d suggest you want to feel safe with a coach and respected but not too comfortable. A coach is going to stretch you and challenge you, not make you feel comfy, if you want comfy then you had probably better talk with a polite friend.

You need to know this before parting with your hard earned cash.

When you know we really can work together to coach you, challenge you and build the inner you, then planning meetings and further coaching sessions are £100 and a 60 min to 90 min period.

Over a simple conversation or two we’ll gradually find out more together and the more we find out, the more you’ll notice and realise what’s going to work best.

If you are considering longer “coaching days” as intensives then….

Maybe 3
A days journey designed for you, through a whole day is only 40000 British Pence or just £400 for 1 to 1 😉

or … 4
If you’re interested in an experiential overnight journey or multi-days within the UK or abroad… Lets talk

Remember that the fee covers more than the face to face time coaching together and the experiences and learning last way longer than that too.

So why not live a little and grow a little more, and discover for yourself how well you’ll respond, when you rise to a challenge and how that challenge can bring on changes for you.

Low income?
I do undertake pro bono work if I feel its right.
I’m passionate about people becoming more than they believe they could.

I also recognise to some £100 a session is a small fee and to others way beyond their current budget.

But if you’re currently a low-income earner and also feel I’d be a good coach for you or someone you know, then do get in touch.

People have helped me in the past too…

I adopt a pay it forward approach, so what will you do to assist others first?

5 When we have a better idea of how we can work together, then payment for coaching is proforma by simple Bank Transfer, or PayPal contact me for details.