Client Comments

A few snippets from Clients who have been Coached in a more formal context.

It’s important to balance the privacy of people and also share their experiences with coaching:

“….the time I spent with you today was invaluable. I feel I gained a new perspective and some new skills to try out too. I am so very grateful to you for helping me with this.”
Personal Coaching Client

“Understanding what I really wanted was the step for me. After having sessions with you I’ve moved my whole business to bigger and better premises and doubled my work force.”
Self Made Business Client

 “Adam helped resolve an issue that had troubled me for years in a professional, caring and helpful manner. The results were excellent and I am now more confident and have developed coping skills. Highly recommended.”
Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“I think there is undoubted value in sitting down and thinking about things, even better with an objective third party…..”

Personal Career Coaching Client

Does everybody have the ability to inspire real positive change as a coach? No. …..(but) you have the ability to get people to do things they don’t think they can. So that’s two people I’ve met who can do it….”
Personal Coaching Client

“I do feel more confident about what I am capable of doing.  What I have found most interesting is what you said about fear not going away, but it being possible to manage it.  I think I generally avoid stuff that I find really scary, which is somewhat of a life-limiting strategy, so learning to be really scared but be able to carry on regardless is a useful skill (taking into account the need to assess competence first, of course). “
Personal Coaching Client

“Thanks so much for being such a fab person  – I find you really inspirational, and quite challenging, which is good!”
Personal Coaching Client

“… a coach, it’s vital that I have access to my own coaching resource. Adam quickly assesses your strengths, aspirations and lines of resistance. He helps you to focus your attention, moving from procrastination and self -sabotage to unleashing your full potential… Adam integrates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in the activities he offers. He helps you to work through and remove blocks to learning by identifying and revealing underlying limiting beliefs which action and activity bring to the fore… The outdoor environment encourages you to face your fears and return to your intuitive inner calm, to reconnect with nature… Adam helps create and develop strategies to reconnect you with the physical world and nature, expanding awareness of your thoughts, feelings and through action and challenging situations and environments you begin to align with your desired goals and fulfilling your life purpose.”
Professional Coach